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Weekly Chats!!
All Times are Eastern!


Singles Unite Singles chatter in the Relationships room 9 PM Eastern Time.
Friskies, Quickies & More  Frisky tips, Quickie Tricks & more in the Relationships room 10 PM
Lock The Door  Keeping that flame alive ~ with toddlers sleeping in the next room. 11 PM in the Relationships room.


Twitches & Stitches  9 PM in HappyHour room, Twitch & Gripe 'til you laugh!


Grey Hair'd & Sexy Romance after 50 support, in the Relationships room, 9 PM.


Escape the Madness! CHEERS! It's HappyHour time BYOB, 9 PM
Freakin' Funny Sentences Get Freaky funny creative 10 PM in the AfterDark room.
Jokes on You! Join your friends for some laughs & exchange a joke or two in the HappyHour room 12 Midnight

All of our rooms are open 24/7. So log in and invite your friends!


so now we are getting ready to enter our teething stage!

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