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How to Increase Traffic for Adult WebCam Sites

The brouhaha around adult webcam sites seldom subsides. It is no exaggeration in asserting that adult cam sites have become dime a dozen. For adult webcam sites and custom porn sites to make waves and sustain in the brutally competitive porn industry, mastering and managing search engine traffic is quintessential. If there is anything that can upkeep and promote your adult cam site, it is undoubtedly SEO- Search Engine Optimization. One of the most important factors that promises a steady online traffic is ranking of videos, whose range is often touted to be far and wide.
The purpose of writing this informative article is throw light on ‘How to increase traffic for adult webcam sites?’ Here is a comprehensive run-down on the same:
Video SEO
Video SEO is all about getting your brain into gear. Let me explain this with an example. Search engines do not think like humans. Whenever a user searches for porn videos on your website, he/she types the names of the category such as ‘Facial’, ‘Brunette’, ‘Bruno sister’ etc. So, it always makes sense to save videos with keyword rich names such as ‘Facial-on-Brunette’, ‘Cum-shot-in- eyes’, ‘Exotic-Blowjob’ etc. While the common naming convention is to follow camel notation, you are at liberty to name the videos in lower case letters. Use dashes to separate the words.
The importance of having a genuine Meta title and Meta description cannot be discounted. Ensure that your videos are accoutered with the same.
There is an interesting metric called Page Authority. Page Authority is all about how your web page ranks on the web. Videos added to higher page authority will rank better. And yes, page authority is a metric developed by Moz. You can visit the official website to gain insights on the same. Text links – Inbound links
There is every reason to believe that adult cams and custom porn cam sites have distanced themselves from text links. More often than not, they rely extensively on banner links. There are various popular sites that review adult cams. Get yourself a 4-star or a 5-star rating. And yes, reviews can be either in the form of a simple text article or a 2- minute video. If you earn brownie points from the review sites, it is only a matter of time that people start making a beeline to your custom porn cam sites and adult cams. It is one of the promising and proven ways to fetch huge online traffic.
Pirated Content
Pirated content is a common phenomenon that often stretches itself to come into the picture. Whenever your proprietary videos fair well, you often witness that your videos are being played on other websites as well. This might bring you the necessary fame and recognition. However, your adult cams and custom porn cam site can gain immense popularity only if you obviate piracy and DMCA complaints. One of the most efficient and effective tools that can assist you in handling DMCA complaints is Cam Model Protection.
Hybrid Strategy
To outshine your competitors and play safe, embrace this meritorious strategy. Hybrid strategy is all about uploading your content to other porn sites. Video SEO is often yoked to page and domain authority. Submit your videos to tube porn sites that have high page and domain authority.
For example, you can submit your porn video to ManyVids website. The moment you submit it to the website, a very short nine-second preview is created. The preview, which resembles a teaser, is made available to the visitors. To all intents and purposes, the teaser can become a compulsive attention seeker. Soon, you will find yourself receiving some significant HTTP traffic.
Customs4U is yet another video marketplace where cam models can sell their recorded videos and make some decent money by indulging in live camming. This is the ideal video marketplace for both the amateurs and professionals.
Other similar websites that help you in making a mark for yourself in this lucrative porn industry are enlisted below:
ExtralLaunchMoney Sex.com ModelCentro DailyMotion YouTube Vimeo Vine
The power of e-mails
Will your fans share their email-ids? Well, there are no easy answers to this question. Porn viewers generally create fake email-ids and they are absolutely not gullible or naïve enough to share their original email-ids. Original or fake, it is immaterial to you as long as the audiences sign-up with an email-id.
If you have hundreds or thousands of followers or video subscribers, send a newsletter every week or every month. Ensure that the newsletter contains clickable links to the latest irresistible porn proffers, adult content and libidinous episodes. The moment your audiences click the links, your online traffic is bound to increase and soon, your adult cams and custom porn cam sites will be in the spot-light.
Watermarking your adult videos and adult content
One of the proven ways of imprinting your website name in the minds of the viewers is by watermarking your adult videos and adult content with your site name. Watermarking has many benefits. Whenever your videos are pirated, the watermark guides the viewers in identifying the source of the videos. Viewers will visit your custom porn cam sites or adult cams and this increases online traffic. Social Networking Platforms
The number of Facebook users is estimated to be around 1.65 billion. On the other hand, the number of Twitter users is estimated to be around 310 million. These numbers are elephantine and hence, it makes perfect sense to leverage social networking platforms.
Maintain a Facebook page and keep posting erotic photos and videos. Keep your audiences updated about the latest erotic proffers. Tweet daily and frequently. Tweet links to your blogs and websites. Tweet links to your adult videos. Make use of Tumblr as well. More often than not, amateur porn stars draw huge fans via Tumblr. The Bottom Line
All the aforementioned pointers look easy on paper. Implementing them is a gargantuan task. It takes a lot of time, patience, hard work and dedicated efforts to increase traffic for adult cams and custom porn cam sites.
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